Education is the foundation of peace.


ALPHA's mission is to foster awareness of an often overlooked aspect of World War II history, in the interest of furthering the values of justice, peace, and reconciliation, both for survivors of the past and for those who shape the historical narratives of the present and future.


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In 2017 the ALPHA Education Board of Directors approved the significance of establishing a museum dedicated to giving voice to the victims and survivors of WWII in Asia, remembering the atrocities committed so that they are never repeated, and establishing a symbol of hope, peace, and humanity.


2020-2021 ALPHA Education Webinar Speaker Series

Connecting History to Contemporary Issues

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Racism and Military Aggression:

Lessons from World War II & The Cold War.

iHistory Meets Humanity


History Meets Humanity provides students with a unique opportunity to engage in the history of World War II Asia as the context to explore questions about humanity, social justice, and global citizenship.

ALPHA Education connects students through primary source documents with

  • WWII Asia survivors

  • Social justice activists

  • Social justice educators

in captivating and interactive activities to give students a critical understanding of history and humanity issues. 

Historical Significance & Perspective


of students reported they believe in the importance of historical evidence

to form conclusions and detect bias.


of students reported they understand the significance of war experiences on different groups of people in different countries.

Critical Thinking


of students reported they learned about the impact of human behavior on others by examining WWII Asia atrocities.


of students reported they examined issues of bias and discrimination.

Students' Takeaways from History Meets Humanity Conference

Students ranked their top takeaway was their belief that history teaches us important lessons about ourselves and others.

Students ranked their second takeaway was their desire to participate in conversations on difficult historical and present-day issues.




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