Education is the foundation of peace.


ALPHA Education is a non-profit and registered charity in Canada that promotes a critical-historical inquiry of World War II in Asia that contributes to peace and reconciliation.

Founded in 1997, ALPHA Education's mission is a commitment to humanity and global peace.  This commitment is achieved through four strategic directions: engaging students and educators, empowering youth, supporting research, and connecting with communities. 

ALPHA Education programs, events, and initiatives aim to develop the values of humanity, equity, and diversity. By representing and reflecting the human side of the history in our education work, contemporary issues such as racism, discrimination and hate, gender bias and violence, ethics and empathy, identity and belonging are explored. 


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ALPHA Education sees the significance of establishing a museum dedicated to educating the younger generations the values of humanity and peace, giving voice to the victims and survivors of WWII in Asia, remembering the atrocities committed so that they are not repeated. The Asia Pacific Peace Museum, located at the centre of Toronto, will be opened to the public by the end of 2023.


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2022-2023 ALPHA Education Webinar Series: Contested Histories
History goes beyond the written word. Statues, monuments, streets, institutions, are all markers and collectives of historical memory.  Controversies over representations of disputed historical legacies in such public spaces is a global phenomenon.

Within this context, this 90-minute roundtable discussion will focus specifically on "Museums as Collective History". The discussion will center on the history of WWII in Asia. 

The invited discussants will examine the social, political, and historical dynamics with respect to contested histories legacies; and identify museum practices on how to address them effectively.
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2022 Asian Heritage Month
Voices of Hope Poetry / Art Contest
2022 Voices of Hope is a partnership project between ALPHA Education and Across-Uhub, Chinese Cultural Center of Greater Toronto, Halton Catholic DSB, Korean Canadian Cultural Association, and Toronto Catholic DSB.
The contest theme is REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

Voices of Hope sets out to address the absence, token, and negative representations of Indigenous Peoples and racialized individuals and communities. This theme raises and emphasizes the importance for all communities to experience full participation in and authentic recognition of their contributions to Canada. 
Youths are invited to respond to: How will you express and represent the identity, belonging, and /or contributions of your community or diverse communities in Canada through poetry and/or art?
2022 Summer Internship
Humanity education lies at the core of ALPHA Education's mission. This summer program focuses on developing critical understanding of the history of WWII in Asia by addressing issues of humanity.  Additionally, it offers unique opportunities for undergraduate and post-graduate students who are interested in the study and/or research on the history of WWII in Asia, which includes experiential project-based learning that develops historical thinking and explores social change.
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Shadows of Racism, Voices Unheard
Victims of racism have a long history of being silenced and marginalized. Racism causes social isolation and divisions among individuals and communities. The Shadows of Racism, Voices Unheard project believes in engaging communities, education, and the creative arts. Learning from community embodied knowledge and perspectives, students will use the language of visual arts as a form of activism to interrogate and reflect on the causes and consequences of discrimination. Students will also deepen their understanding of the rich possibilities within diversity, intrinsic to Canadian identity. This project brings individuals and communities together, moves us emotionally, and alters our sense of self and social justice agency.
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Stand Against Racism Workshops
The workshops provide authentic conversations, creating possibilities for unlearning racism and inclusion in diversity.
To quote Eduard Glissant "our differences are no longer considered proof of an irreconcilable fact, but as part of what relates us, makes us beautiful, complex and creative." Once the conversations are held, they cannot be silenced. They question the legacy of racism, changing mindsets, and influencing behaviors, practices, and policies. The workshops celebrate self-worth and identities of racialized communities as equal members of and an asset to Canadian society.
iHistory Meets Humanity
iHMH consists of virtual workshops covering topics & issues on WW2 in Asia. By analyzing events and people, students will learn about untold histories, and their connections to racism, violence against women, forced labour, displacement, fragmentation of communities, social justice activism and more. Critical historical thinking, perspectives-taking, and empathy are fostered as we face the inhumanity of history as well as the humanitarian efforts during the war. Readings and film clips will be provided to teachers for student pre-learning to contextualize the workshop or as post-workshop follow-up.