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Join our walkathon to support the Asia-Pacific Peace Museum!


Date & Time: Jul 16, 2023 (Sunday) at 9am

Route & Distance: Port Credit Memorial Park, Mississauga 5km

Approximate Time: 2 hours

Participation fee: $100 (tax-deductible)

Walk for Peace

Join us in our mission to promote humanity and peace education by participating in our upcoming walkathon and donating to support the building of the Asia Pacific Peace Museum in Toronto, Canada. Your contribution will help us further improve people's knowledge of WWII in Asia and increase youth participation in the peace and reconciliation movement. Let's work together to create a brighter future by understanding the critical history of WWII in Asia and promoting peace and reconciliation in our communities!

Raise funds for Asia Pacific Peace Museum

The Asia-Pacific Peace Museum stands as a beacon of hope in promoting peace, justice, and compassion for all those who have suffered the devastating impacts of war. As a people's museum, it is founded on the principles of authenticity, equity, and respect. By supporting and donating to the museum, you can help give voice to the voiceless and honor the memory of those who have been affected by war. Your contribution will enable the museum to continue its crucial work in educating and inspiring visitors from all walks of life to work towards a more peaceful future. Let's come together to make a difference and create a brighter future for generations to come.


Dr Joseph Wong_3.png

Dr. Joseph Yu-Kai Wong

Thank you for your generosity and support to ALPHA Education and WongAvery Asia Pacific Peace Museum. Thank you for maximizing your impact on our causes! Without dedicated supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our commitments and goals.

Goal: $10,000   

Gen Ling-Photo.png

  Gen Ling Chang

Thank you for your donation in support of ALPHA Education. Through a range of programs, we work with youth, educators, and communities for global peace and humanity through critical understanding and exploration of social justice issues. All donated funds are fully used for programs and work with young people, teachers, and communities.

With appreciation for your kind donation.

Goal: $5,000   

Regina Photo.jpg

  Regina Sit

Dear Friends, I have been involved with ALPHA Education since 2009 after watching "Iris Chang- The Rape of Nanking". Please donate generously for my Charity Walk to help support funding of our WongAvery ASIA PACIFIC PEACE MUSEUM. My deepest gratitude for your continuous support!
Goal: $3,000   

Tracy Photo.png

   Tracy Liu

I am joining a charity run to raise funds for ALPHA Education again this year to support its Asia Pacific Peace Museum project. Located in Toronto, the museum is the first in the world to exhibit the entirety of WWII in Asia and to inspire our younger generations on the significance of peace. It is scheduled to open in 2023. 

Goal: $3,800   


   Larry Lau

Thank you so much for your continuous support to ALPHA Education. Please join me in this Fundraising Run/Walk and your donations are greatly appreciated.

Goal: $1,000   

Flora Photo.png

   Flora Chong

Your support to ALPHA's mission is deeply appreciated. While we are working very hard to complete the Asia Pacific Peace Museum project in 2023, our education programs, particularly those focusing on anti-racism, did not stop throughout the pandemic. Thank you so much for your encouragement and trust in me over the years. They meant a lot to me.

Goal: $5,000   


  Judy Yeung

I am especially motivated because my love of walking will benefit a worthy cause -100% of what

I raise will go directly to ALPHA Education and Asia Pacific Peace Museum. To help me reach my goal,

I would greatly appreciate your sponsorship.

All donations are, of course, tax-deductible.

Goal: $2,000   

Judy Pu Photo.jpg

    Judy Pu

Hello Friends, I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous summer weather! It’s been so nice to be able to go outside for outdoor activities.

Please join me in participating in ALPHA EDUCATION Charity RUN/WALK on Sunday, July 16! The funds raised at this exciting event will help us to build and develop WongAvery Asia-Pacific Peace Museum, which will be the first in the world to be dedicated to educating and commemorating the entirety of the history of World War II in Asia. 

Goal: $2,000   

Erika Photo.jpg

   Erika Chong

All your donations are greatly appreciated, and we are thrilled to be able to use them for great causes in education and peacemaking. Thanks for all of your generosity in supporting me and ALPHA Education! 

Goal: $1,500   

Lil Kim.png

   Lily Kim

We’re almost there…ALPHA Education’s school programming has allowed post-WWII learning and reconciliation to occur. Thanks to your support, the Asia-Pacific Peace Museum will also make a difference. Join us in the journey!

Goal: $1,018   

Untitled design (6).png

Scarlette Chan

Please help me to reach my goal! ALPHA Education is doing very important work supporting anti-racist education and the Peace Museum. All your donations are greatly appreciated. Your generosity will not only benefit ALPHA Education but our younger generations too!

Goal: $1,000

Donation Options



Donations can be made through e-transfer to Please include submit the E-Transfer form in order to receive your tax receipt. 


If you are using the donation form and paying by cheque, please write cheque payable to "ALPHA Education". Please email or mail the donation form if you are making an offline payment. More details can be found in the donation form.

* Donation of $20 or more will be receipted for tax purpose. 

* Our Registered Charitable Organization Number is 85110 5361 RR0001

For more information contact us at

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