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Asian Canadian Perspectives (ACP) Resource

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The creation of this resource is a partnership between Asian Canadian Educators Network (ACENet) and ALPHA Education in advancing recognition of the compelling need to address diversity in learning resources: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, songs, films with the diversity of Canadian students; and the importance of connecting school learning with learners’ community-embodied knowledge and their lived experiences.


With texts, about and by Asian Canadians, as the nexus, this resource equips and supports educators and administrators to see possibilities in the curriculum. This resource enables learners to reach back into their histories, reflect on their peoplehood, and make meaning with their communities as an important part of moving into the future as engaged Canadian and global citizens.


Addressing the gap in Asian Canadian perspectives in curriculum expectations, learning resources, and activities is a necessary step in the right direction of shifting learning that includes Asian Canadian voices as part of culturally relevant and responsive learning for all students, not just those who identify themselves as Asian Canadians.

Anti-Racism Toolkit

View Anti-Racism Toolkit


This Anti-Racism Toolkit from ALPHA Education consists of research-based educational material and resources based on historical and contemporary issues involving racism and colonialism sources. This toolkit features projects developed by interns and volunteers. Click on each image to access the resource.

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Voices Of Hope
Collection of Poetry

Historically, inflection points, occur when the spectre of racial hate scapegoats specific populations. However, incidents of hate and racism are also the focal points of humanity and change.


Voices of Hope, a poetry / spoken word project invites youth to share their visions of racial harmony as part of combatting racial division and exclusion. This Collection of Poetry, by youths age 11 – 18, is representative of young people’s understanding of the impact of racism and their hopes for what must change.

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