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Shadows of Racism, Voices Unheard is a CSMARI funded project by the Government of Canada. This project focuses on equity education, community knowledge, and centering student voice. Through participation in the project, grade 9-12 students connect with their communities to listen, learn, and re-tell their stories, through art and video, of excellence and contributions to Canada.


Students engage in workshops that explore history, identity, and representation. Through engagement in art and video making, they respond to the question: Who will you invite to the table, and why? 


Using the language of belonging and humanity, students invited those who are lesser known, with the hope that their art and videos spark similar narratives and conversations beyond theirs.

A Seat at the Table

Seat at the Table website.png

A Seat at the Table, an exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, features 267 artworks, 193 3-D art and 74 portrait art, created by grade 9-12 students from four district school boards. This exhibition is a celebration of lived experiences, conversations, and critical thought, imbued with compassionate understanding by and with students and teachers. Each student has chosen to invite one who they believe we would benefit from getting to know as part of our Canadian Experience and Narrative.

We thank the Government of Canada for the CSMARI funding of this exhibition.

Student Art

Student art to be added

Student Videos

DB Group 2 (1).jpg

Combating Anti-Black Racism in the Medical Field

Adeena, Lenora, Suha


DB Group 3 (1).jpg

Celebrating the Excellence of Black Canadian Muslims

Gianna, Halla, Zahra, Noor


DB Group 4.jpg

African Canadian Church Music

Somi, Olesia, Nico


DB Group 5 (1).png

Trailblazers: Tracy Moore

Kelly, Carmelle, Liam, Shimirah


DB Group 6 (1).jpg

Stolen Stories,
Stolen Lives

Hadi, Katherine, Yahya, Simi


DB Group1 (1).jpg

Viola Desmond

Joshua, Leen, Themi, Ammar


ML Group 1 Thumbnail (1).png

Covid-19: Asian Hate Worldwide

Gavin, Dong Dong, Alex, Kenneth


ML Group 4 Thumbnail (1).png

The Story of Anti-Black Racism

Crystal, Nicole, Evelyn, Tiffany


ML Group 5 Thumbnail (1).png

Chinese Immigration Act

Jerry, Alan, Kevin


ML Group 6 Thumbnail (1).png

Model Minority

Anna, Allen, Li Jin, Abirami


SFX Group 1- Thumbnail (2).png

Changing Narratives

Arianna, Samuel, Micaela, Anas


SFX Group 2- Thumbnail (1).png

How Metis People have Preservered

Yesha, Jaic, Carter, Xavier


SFX Group 3-Thumbnail (1).jpg

The Indian Princess

Mya, Maansi, Celina, Abby


SFX Group 4- Thumbnail (1).jpg

Contemporary Indigenous Figures and their Impact on Canada

Aya, Daniah, Brandon, Jacob


SFX Group 5- Thumbnail (1).png

The Legacy of Indigenous Discrimination: An Ongoing Injustice

Faridah, Anokye, Melanya


Screenshot 2023-10-27 131513.png

Autumn Peltier and the Unfair Treatment to Indigenous People

Tristyn, Ethan, Andrew, Oliesia


ML Group 3 Thumbnail (1).png

Japanese Internment

Jimmy, Joshua, Aaron, Sam


Screenshot 2023-10-27 131542.png

Anti-Asian Racism 

Brandon, Leo, James, Evan


TVB Group 4-Title page (1).png

The Bamboo Ceiling

Elvira, Junsoo, Karen, Zahra


TVB Group 5-Title page (1).png

Canadian Asian Racism

Zoe, Jessie, Felix, Rain


TVB Group 6-Title page (1).jpg

Asian Canadian Hate

Shivangi, Kobekan, Mia, Kaijia


Screenshot 2023-10-27 131619.png

White Washing in Films

Leo, Ryan, Aydin


Impact: Reflections

To be added

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