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World War II Asia

In remembrance and education, World War II in Asia is much less known, studied, and commemorated than WWII in Europe. ALPHA Education promotes historical inquiry not only as events, but also to ask questions of the root causes, legacies, and the atrocities of WWII in Asia as important humanity lessons for the present.  

If we are to learn lessons from human sufferings caused by war and armed conflict in order to advocate for global peace, it is critical that they are part of the learning experiences of young people in schools, universities, and colleges.

ALPHA Education builds the future by inspiring inquiry about the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future in history-writing as well as history-making.


Digital Archive Publications

This collection from ALPHA's Digital Archives Project (DAP) consists of research-based educational material and resources based on primary sources. It features the projects developed by our very own student interns and volunteers.


Featured Project

This set of posters provides an introduction to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE), the tribunal which presided over the prosecution of Japanese war crimes after World War II, during what is more popularly known as the Tokyo Trials.

This resource raises questions about the representation of Asian interests at the tribunal as well as engenders reflection about the significance of the trials today.


Created by Jasmine Jia, Vincent Pinti, Parker Friedrich, University of Michigan Global Scholars Program during their Internship at ALPHA Education, 2020-21

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