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Professional learning with ALPHA Education is not only about history, but also provide interdisciplinary connections that relate to social justice, humanity, and equity issues. It also addresses how meaningful and engaging learning happens. Educators will be encouraged to share teaching strategies that promote collaborative work and creativity as a community of professional learners.

History Meets Humanity provides students with a unique opportunity to engage in the history of World War II Asia as the context to explore questions about humanity, social justice, and global citizenship.

ALPHA Education connects students through primary source documents with

  • WWII Asia survivors

  • Social justice activists

  • Social justice educators

in captivating and interactive activities to give students a critical understanding of history and humanity issues. 

Historical Significance & Perspective


of students reported they believe in the importance of historical evidence

to form conclusions and detect bias.



of students reported they understand the significance of war experiences on different groups of people in different countries.

Critical Thinking


of students reported they learned about the impact of human behavior on others by examining WWII Asia atrocities.



of students reported they examined issues of bias and discrimination.

Students' Takeaways from History Meets Humanity Conference

Students ranked their top takeaway was their belief that history teaches us important lessons about ourselves and others.


Students ranked their second takeaway was their desire to participate in conversations on difficult historical and present-day issues.

Teacher Conference

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Keynote Address: Reconciliation & Hope Joy Kogawa

Cultural Empathy and Social Activism

Through exploring past and present stories of social activism during WWII in Asia, this workshop provides teachers with the resources to incorporate these stories into their classrooms and curricula in order to foster student dialogue around cultural empathy, diversity, inclusion, peace, and reconciliation.


Revisiting the Promise of Human Rights

This workshop draws attention to the selectivity of historical memory when it comes to acknowledging what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The workshop examines the social barriers to human rights. It supports teachers in fostering critical thinking in the subjects of history, law, civics, philosophy and the humanities by using primary documents.


Exploring Multidisciplinary Ethical Dimensions

Using the Japanese development of biochemical weapons during WWII in Asia as a jumping-off point, this workshop explores how to incorporate ethical topics into classrooms of history, politics, civics, law, and science. It supports teachers in guiding students in how to make ethical decisions, take ethical action, and become global citizens who embrace the values of peace, justice, and humanity.

Study Tours

Since 2004, ALPHA Education has provided invaluable experiences for educators and scholars through study tours to China and Korea. They have joined this life-changing journey from visiting historical sites and museums to meeting and having dialogue with scholars, teachers, curators, historians, and peace activists. Through the stories of survivors and personal reflections, the educators also experienced the humanity arising from the atrocities of and issues related to WWII in Asia.

Lessons Learned & Reflections: 2011 Study Tour

“It had been an emotionally challenging and demanding study tour - a tour where we learned not only about Asian history, but also how very much we did not know. In my opinion, this is where learning begins.”

Lessons Learned & Reflections: 2006 Study Tour

“I feel I am about to begin a journey that will have no end but will open my eyes to hidden secrets that is owed to me. I want to be paid the knowledge of history and her story from first accounts that cannot be denied. An opportunity for self actualization through realization of the truth given by messengers who have nothing to lose because their loss is too great to recover”.

Peace & Reconciliation Study Tours - More than Just History

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