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In 2010, ALPHA Education hosted an international education conference on WWII in Asia. More than 500 educators and students attended the conference where delegates from all over the world shed lights on an often-forgotten history. Saerom Youn and Helen Loo, two freshmen of the University of Toronto were shocked by the stories of survivors, activists, and scholars at the conference irrespective of their ethnic background.


After the conference, they expressed the interest of setting up an official student club at the university. After two years of deliberation, they received an official club status from the university in 2012. Their actions inspired other ALPHA youth and today, we have 5 ALPHA university chapters established across the province of Ontario.


ALPHA Chapters have organized many events in their own campuses; bake sales, photo exhibitions, film screenings, high school visits, case competitions, petitions, and a benefit concert.



McGill ALPHA will join the ALPHA Education University Chapters for the 2022-2023 school year! We aim to extend ALPHA Education’s mission to McGill students and host hybrid events allowing McGill students to learn about justice, peace, and reconciliation. Throughout the school year, we hope to find innovative ways to promote awareness within our communities.

We’re currently looking for an executive team to help lead our new chapter. Email or look for us @mcgillalpha on Facebook or Instagram for more information.

McMaster ALPHA

McMaster ALPHA is run by passionate students dedicated to furthering the goals of education and reconciliation. Understanding the need to uphold the values of peace and justice as today’s youth become global citizens, McMaster ALPHA has organized events, including case competitions and photo exhibits to engage students. We focused on these themes through the lens of the atrocities faced by “comfort women”, the horrors of the Nanjing massacre, and other relevant historical events.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or follow us on Instagram (@mcmasteralpha) for more information on our chapter events and opportunities to get involved!


Queen's ALPHA

Queen’s ALPHA is the newest member of the ALPHA Education University Chapters family!


Founded in 2017, we are now proud to be entering our fifth year of operations as part of both the illustrious Queen’s clubs tradition and ALPHA Education mission.


We provide a wide variety of  events throughout the school year that will entertain, inform, and centre historical discourse on the key values of justice, peace, and reconciliation. As a new chapter, we are always looking to grow our team with fresh faces!

If you are a current, future, or prospective Queen’s student, please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information on how to get involved, or like us on Facebook/follow us on Instagram (@queensalpha).

University of Toronto ALPHA

As the first ALPHA chapter established, we are proud to be able to work closely with ALPHA Education. Throughout the school year, we work hard to promote ALPHA Education’s mission through various educational and fundraising events.

Interested in joining our team? We are always open to expanding our chapter! Please do not hesitate to contact us at or like our Facebook page!

Western ALPHA

Western ALPHA is entering its fifth year of operations with the goal of shedding light upon the atrocities of WWII in Asia. We aim to give students at Western the opportunity to gain insight into the events of the past, and to appreciate the values of peace, reconciliation, and justice. Our annual photo exhibitions, collaborations with other clubs, and other events are created in hopes of promoting awareness in more students.


Want to learn more or are interested in joining our team? Email or message our Facebook page for more information!

UWaterloo ALPHA

ALPHA Waterloo chapter is a small but close one! Although we have a small number of executives, our passion is strong. Our goal this year is to promote the awareness of ALPHA Education, through fundraising, film screenings, and of course, many other forms of education initiatives.

Feel free to email our president Nicholas at for more information or to learn how to get involved, and/or like us on Facebook!

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