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Your donation goes towards education programs and community work to build a better and humane world.


Making a gift to ALPHA Education and the building of the Asia Pacific Peace Museum represents a remarkable acknowledgement of the value of history, education, research, and commemoration. As a donor, you will touch countless others around the world, and help ensure that the past remains a vital part of our lives today, and tomorrow.

Donations Options



Donations can be made through e-transfer to Please include submit the E-Transfer form in order to receive your tax receipt. 




If you are using the donation form and paying by cheque, please write cheque payable to "ALPHA Education". Please email or mail the donation form if you are making an offline payment. More details can be found in the donation form.

* Donation of $20 or more will be receipted for tax purpose. 

* Our Registered Charitable Organization Number is 85110 5361 RR0001

For more information contact us at

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