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Power Dynamics          Allyship          Positive Change

The collection of 139 student art and artistic statements were exhibited at the Toronto Catholic DSB on September 19 – 23, 2022. Virtually displayed here are some of the art from Shadows of Racism, Voices UnHeard 2021-22, funded by TD Bank. They invite the viewer to question the dynamics of racial discrimination and their impact. These artworks challenge behaviour, practices and policies that have privileged some groups and disadvantaged others.

The Virus by Alyssa
Loyola_LM-A26_2000px Loving of Lovings.jpg

The Loving Lovings by Julia 

newLM A26.png
The Manookian Move by Matuous
Tamil Massacre by Thadseja
Loyola_LA-B11_B_2000px Untitled .jpg
Untitled by Fillipa
Untitled by Kevin
The Need for Change by Celeste
StJohnPaul_SJPC-A9_2000px Para Sa Kanila For Them.jpg
Para Sa Kamila (For Them) by Giovanni
Loyola_LM-A30 Julia Viol_2000px Women in STEM .jpg
Women in STEM by Julia
Loyola_LM-A19_2000px Struggling Connections.jpg
Struggling Connections by Christie
Untitled by Zalika
Glass Ceiling by Gloria
Before and After Immigration by Kelly 
Behind the Scrubs by Eliza
Untitled by Fatima

Language of Visual Arts

Loyola_LA-B17_B_2000px Breaking the Silence back.jpg
Loyola_LA-B17_F_2000px Breaking the Silence front.jpg
Breaking the Silence by Shelby
LA B17.png
Hurtful Messages by Johnson
It's a Bigger Question by Michael 
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