Our Programming

Internships at ALPHA provide students with an immersive experience in education, research and community outreach work. Our internship curriculum is thoughtfully designed to develop interns’ practical work skills such as research, writing, public speaking and facilitation, while also honing students’ faculties in critical thinking and historical analysis, and deepening their understanding of World War II history in Asia. Each intern works with an experienced mentor, participates in discussions and workshops, and works on independent projects.


Overseas internships in collaboration with partner organizations such as the International Human Rights Program (IHRP) and the Harbin Museum and Research Centre provide students with support and opportunities for developing and conducting independent research.


Due to ongoing travel restrictions, all Summer Internships are currently being conducted online.

Research Intensive Internship

  • Develop skills in historical and archival research

  • Polish your academic writing skills

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 Overseas Internship

  • Undertake independent research using primary sources and get in touch with key resource persons doing important work related to World War II history in Asia

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Experiential Learning focused Internship*              

  • Learn how to design presentations and conduct and facilitate learning sessions

  • Hone your public speaking skills

  • * May also be pursued as an Alternative Practicum for teacher candidates from universities, Faculty of Education

Virtual Team Meeting

Online Summer Internship

  • Take part in an 8-week internship that features a 6-week webinar component (June or July start date available)

  • Be part of an online learning community

 Internships are available all year round, but most of our programming happens in spring, summer and the fall term. Internship periods are usually set under the terms of our partnership agreements with different universities. If your institution is interested in partnering with ALPHA Education, or if you are a student who wants to learn more about internship and volunteering opportunities, send us an email at info@alphaeducation.org.

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2021-2022 ALPHA Ed Internship Program for GSP students U Michigan
ALPHA Education contributes to the overall goals of the Global Scholars Program by offering experiential learning that enables students to develop a critical understanding of history and social change. They will also receive opportunities to connect their global justice interests with their current and future goals.

The goals of the internship program are:
Empathy, Ethical Decision-Making, and Social Engagement.

ALPHA Education fosters critical inquiry of World War II history in Asia to promote justice, peace and reconciliation, and to facilitate making connections to and active engagement in contemporary social justice issues. In doing  so, ALPHA Education promotes historical thinking about the past into current and future social praxis.
Testimony from Students of Summer Internship 2016

Our University Partners


PBSC (Pro Bono Law Students Canada)

University of Toronto

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York International, Global Internships

York University

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Hong Kong University

Latest Project
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Ewha Womans University

Seoul, Korea

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International Human Rights Program (IHRP), Faculty of Law

University of Toronto

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Global Scholars’ Program

University of Michigan


Liberal Studies Education

Education University of Hong Kong

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Other Institutional Partners

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Harbin Museum and Research Centre

Harbin, China

Featured Student Work

Title: The “Comfort Women Issue” Paths to Justice and Reconciliation

Digital Archive Project – Primary Source Collection, Vol. 1 (1) (2018)


This resource pulls together a collection of testimonial, documentary, photographic and film primary sources that document the Japanese system of Military Sexual Slavery, which was carried out across the Asia-Pacific by the occupying Japanese forces during the Second World War. Lee Jae Sun, our intern from Hong Kong University (Summer 2018) helped to develop this resource with educators as well as student researchers in mind. The resource is ideal for researchers who want a basic introduction to the issue but it is also a handy instructional material for educators who want to make use of primary sources in the classroom.