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We may feel that racism doesn’t affect us personally. In reality, racial hate in our communities impacts quality of life for us all. 
Let us work together to action change for the better.

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This video draws on more than 15 student video projects that offer diverse perspectives on representation and why it matters. As part of our Shadows of Racism, Voices UnHeard 2021-2022 program, we asked youth how misrepresentations and absence of representation impact their daily lives. Their responses as young Canadians offer important reminders about the importance of images and semantics, the power of media and social media, and how racism and discrimination can take on a multitude of different forms. By exploring shadows of racism using oral history methods, video, and art, students shed a much needed light on voices that typically go unheard. 


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Representation Matters

Youth Voices on Racism in Canada

This video weaves together various elements of three youth projects of different voices and perspectives on issues of racism in Canada. We asked youths what it means to unlearn racism. Their responses as young Canadians who see, hear and feel racism are truly important to listen to and reflect upon.

Voices of Hope 2022
Student reflections which inspired their poetry...

Children of a young age and even adults should be able to express themselves by representing their culture. By making this poem, I hope people will not be embarrassed by their culture and how much they matter to this society.

- Presha M. Poem: Girl in the Red Dress

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Under-Represented Voices of Racism
Youth Reflections

Looking back now, I realized I was ashamed of my background due to the idea of wanting to fit in with the kids whose parents were born here and didn’t come from an immigrant family.

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