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Art and media have a compelling power to create space for negotiation, creativity, empathy, and critical thinking. Understanding a marginalized history filled with injustices, forgotten stories, pain, and controversy through art and media can allow people to develop meaningful responses that will bring us closer to peace and reconciliation. H.A.P. is a series of art and media projects that allow participants to express, learn, and educate others about the cruelty of war and the value of peace.

Art Contest


Since 2015, ALPHA Education has hosted an annual H.A.P. art contest. To foster a deeper understanding of history, human rights issues and social justice values, you are invited to explore the history of WWII in Asia through the arts with this year's theme "Catalyzing Hope." 

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2020


History + art peace-min-01.jpg

Oral History Project

History remembers the war heroes at the battlefronts but we seldom hear or know about the impact of war on armed conflict on ordinary citizens. Yet, they impact a profound effect on the way civilians live their everyday life during and/or after. To investigate and better understand this often overlooked part of history, students conduct oral history interviews with people who lived through war and conflict, so that their unique experiences can be properly preserved and shared for the education of others.

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