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Adrian Zee

Board Director

Adrian first came to know about the WWII in Asia war atrocities at grade 11.  He heard about ALPHA Education in his first year of university, later he had the opportunity to meet with key ALPHA team members that helped strengthen his desire to found an ALPHA university chapter at Western University. 


In the 3rd year of university, Adrian built an executive team with other Western students and against all challenges, the Western ALPHA chapter was finally ratified by the university.  As founding president of Western ALPHA chapter, Adrian and his team managed to rally over 1000 signatures at campus in support of Bill 79 that proposed the recognition of December 13 as the Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day by the Ontario Legislature.

After graduation, Adrian furthered his study at Osgoode Law School and will attain his J.D. qualification in 2021.  He continues to serve ALPHA as a mentor for succeeding presidents of various ALPHA university chapters and connect them with ALPHA Education main office, and promote ALPHA cause among youth communities.  Adrian also initiated an online youth dialogue among ALPHA chapters and alumni to discuss issues that relate to the value of ALPHA Education such as racism and its negative impact on peace and reconciliation.

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