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Lily Kim

Board Director

Lily Kim graduated from the University of British Columbia and McMaster, where her socially engaged research could develop critical understandings of intercultural Reconciliation. Before her doctoral program, Lily served on the board of the Cross-Cultural Learner Centre (Global House) and on the Advisory for UJA Federation of Toronto’s Holocaust Museum. With a background in teaching and recruiting, Lily was invited to be Co-Chair of Holocaust Education Week and Liaison for Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto. She was Equity Officer for the Canadian Disability Studies Association and delivered presentations to British, Caribbean Canadian, and student associations. Practically, Lily used her skills to fundraise for young people or abuse services at non-profit organizations, which included hospitals and Women’s Community House. Her work further dealt with themes of moral injury, indigeneity and genocide; throughout the pandemic, she facilitated learning about mental health, Indian residential schools, and connected Holocaust speakers on digital platforms. Besides being actively involved over two decades with survivors of trauma and of the Holocaust, Lily regularly contributed to the lives of marginalized youth in diverse communities. She participated in study or service trips to nations of the Middle East or Africa, Asia, Oceania and reserves. Back home, Lily was awarded “Citizen of the Year,” and she received recent distinction as winner of “Best Paper” in academia (CSJS, AAR EIR).

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