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We may feel that racism doesn’t affect us personally. In reality, racial hate in our communities impacts quality of life for all of us. 
Let us work together to action change for the better.

Youth Voices on Racism in Canada

This video, produced by ALPHA Education, weaves together various elements of three youth projects of different voices and perspectives on issues of racism in Canada. We asked youths what it means to unlearn racism. Their responses as young Canadians who see, hear and feel racism are truly important to listen to and reflect upon.


For information about our 2021 – 2022 anti-racism projects and workshops, please email us at


Our anti-racism work is guided by the following objectives:

  • Address all forms of bias, discrimination, and racism, informed by data.

  • Support inclusive teaching and learning by educators, using historically culturally relevant pedagogy.

  • Engage youth leadership in sustainable change in the prevention of racial hierarchies and them vs. us.

  • Partner with communities and organizations to dismantle systemic racism, which are barriers to success and wellbeing for all.

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