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Judy Pu


Judy Pu is currently the Director of Peachtree Canada Wellness Inc. responsible mainly for client relations and marketing strategies. Judy worked at Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation for seven years and created the Foundation Mandarin Group with members coming from the Mandarin-speaking community. The group has made significant contributions to many Yee Hong Fundraising events since its inception.

Judy earned her bachelor’s degree in law at Fudan University as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching from George Brown College. She completed the Dementia Care courses and obtained the Certificate from the University of Toronto in 2022.


Judy has more than fourteen years work experience to serve Non-profit organizations in Canada. She was involved in Family Resources and immigration programs when she worked at Pathways for Children, Youth and Families in York Region. Meanwhile, she presented the organization to attend Canadian Family Resources Nation-wide Conference in Ottawa yearly.

In recent years, Judy has dedicated herself to creating Sino-Canada business opportunities. She liaised with local enterprises, community organizations as well as government departments in both China and Canada.  She participated in global events, exhibitions, and fairs to promote Peachtree and find out collaboration opportunities. (i.e. The Second China International Import Expo 2019, Shanghai International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Care 2021, etc.)

Judy has a strong connection with the Mandarin-speaking community. Inspired by ALPHA’s work and mission, Judy started volunteering for ALPHA Education and earnestly promoting the Asia-Pacific Peace Museum project among Mandarin-speaking community members in the past few years. 

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