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Flora Mei-Ling Chong

Vice Chair

Flora was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in the 1980s. She earned
her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Systems and master’s
degree in Social Justice and Education. After reading Iris Chang’s book “The
Forgotten Holocaust: The Rape of Nanking” in 1997, she was deeply moved by the
painful suffering of the victims and the courage of the humanitarians during the
Nanking Massacre. Flora started exploring more facts and stories about WWII in
Asia, which she could not ascertain through her school education in Hong Kong.


While always having a heart for philanthropy, alongside her career and other
volunteering work Flora started volunteering at ALPHA in 2003. By 2005, she saw
the urgency and significance of fostering the knowledge and understanding of the
Asian atrocities during WWII especially among younger generations. Flora
resigned from her executive position in the business sector and started serving as
Executive Director pro bono at ALPHA in 2006. She also serves as the Vice Chair
of the Board.

In the past twenty years, Flora has met many survivors, and worked with scholars and
peace activists in Asia and North America in promoting global awareness of the
often overlooked aspect of WWII history. Her ALPHA journey has been marked
with tears and joy, disappointment and hope. What drives and energizes her in
the long journey is her faith and hope that love and justice prevail.

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